Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Captain America shield

I have had a lot of people asking if I could make some of their favorite character items from different movies, books, video games, or comics.  I love to make that kind of stuff!  It has been very fun to make things out of plastic lately.
Several people recently have been asking about the Captain America shield.  I had some help with this one.  Thanks Cory and Jake for their expertise on the CNC and programming.  I always do everything by hand so it was kind of cool to have some stuff made from the CNC, it always turns out so perfect.

I had some of my very nice friends do some work to CNC etch the logo onto a piece of acrylic.  Then, after a little time in the oven, put it into a mold to give it that nice shield shape.

It looks pretty nice with a little bit of automotive paint on the back side.

These make such a great addition for cosplay.

So as the holidays come close everything becomes busier, as we all know.  It has been very difficult to keep up with all the things I have wanted to make.  I have still managed to squeeze a few things into that busy time and wanted to share them with you all now that I have a little time to put them up on the blog.

Aubree had a very nice pair of daggers made for her cosplay of Vin from Mistborn. I think that is so cool!  I still need to read those books everyone is telling me they're awesome and they use glass weapons!
I wanted to show everyone how they turned out.  Thanks Aubree for a very fun project, and I hope you are enjoying the daggers.

Colored Spheres

Blue Spheres

Green Sphere
Fluorescent Staff with Purple Sphere